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  1. Take your vacation! Being a work martyr doesn't help


    The traditional start of the summer vacation season always produces vacation-themed reports. This year's theme is "vacation shaming."

    This year’s theme is “vacation shaming,” the common workplace condition when employees leave paid vacation time unused because they’re afraid to take time off.
  2. My dad makes a great travel companion


    Prost! Mi scusi! Hola!

    Dad pauses before enjoying lunch on one of our cruises. We’ve taken roughly half a dozen of them together.
  3. Photos: Baby walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando


    SeaWorld Orlando is home to a newborn whiskered walrus, according to a statement by the company.

    Kaboodle, a 14-year-old female walrus, gave birth to her first calf on June 3, 2017. [SeaWorld Orlando]