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    1. Kate Upton makes third appearance on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover


      NEW YORK — She's once, twice, three times a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model.

      Kate Upton appears on the cover of the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for the third time. [Sports Illustrated]
    2. Here's what everyone, including Michelle Obama, wore to the White House state dinner


      It's that time in the day on a Wednesday when you probably need to fantasize about a life other than yours. For instance, I just ate a microwave meal at my desk, I'm wearing a secondhand H&M jacket and my hair is too tight.

      The Obamas and their guests of honor Tuesday night.
    3. MAC's Selena makeup line is out today, better start Dreaming of You


      Here's what a true friend does.

      A true friend goes to MAC the morning the line of makeup paying tribute to slain singer Selena comes out, gets three shades for herself, and picks up an extra "Dreaming of You" for you. That's what my pal Brittany did …

      A worker from the Production Resource Group unrolls a large photo of the late singer Selena Quintanilla for the unveiling of the MAC Selena makeup collection, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Known simply as Selena, the Mexican-American queen of Tejano music was shot to death in March 1995 by a former employee.
    4. Slideshow: Tampa Bay Fashion Week melds national brands and local designers on one runway


      Another Tampa Bay Fashion Week is a wrap.

      A queen opening the Elizabeth Carson Racker show.
    5. My Outfit Monday: What we wore to Tampa Bay Fashion Week


      Getting ready for Tampa Bay Fashion Week, in my mind, is always a luxurious exercise. It involves cucumber eye patches, blowouts, careful application of false eyelashes. In this fantasy, we roll up to Tampa Bay's most stylish annual event looking fresh and relaxed, ready to inspire and be inspired.

      Deal Divas looking all manners of surprised, weird, kind of offset from the backdrop and not ready for the photo. I think we stayed true to ourselves.
    6. Tweet along with the Deal Divas for Emmys red carpet Sunday


      I think I speak for millions when I articulate this dream:

      We all know who the real fashion winner (and Emmy winner) is: RuPaul, seen here at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last week.
    7. Ever flexible, Tampa Bay Fashion Week returns with new ideas


      Last year brought a contraction of sorts for Tampa Bay Fashion Week, the annual glitzy strutting of our local design scene. Organizers cut out a major runway show in the spirit of experimentation.

      “Having women in the product and on the runway really brings the brand and style to life, and shows the style on a body,” says designer Tracy Negoshian, whose colorful print line is sold at three flagship stores, in boutiques, at Dillard’s and online.
    8. Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It's a disgrace.


      When I was chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne Inc., I spent a good amount of time on the road hosting fashion shows highlighting our brands. Our team made a point of retaining models of various sizes, shapes and ages, because one of the missions of the shows was to educate audiences about how they could look their …

      Tim Gunn in New York. Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images
    9. Tampa Bay Fashion Week is back at International Plaza


      You have to give Tampa Bay Fashion Week credit for trying things and seeing what sticks.

      A scene from Tampa Bay Fashion Week in 2014.
    10. When is it okay to talk about the clothing of a woman in politics?


      It's a question 10 women would answer 10 different ways. And as a political journalist with an eye for what people are wearing, it's one I've wrestled with, too.

      The outfits of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren looked a lot more similar in color on TV than in photographs, I promise.