Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Letters To The Editor

Sunday’s letters: End greyhound racing in Florida

Tom Lee wants to phase out greyhound racing | Nov. 8Put a stop to this cruel industryKudos to Sen. Tom Lee for shepherding a constitutional amendment to end greyhound racing in Florida. Greyhounds forced to race live in misery and frequently die ...
Published: 11/09/17
Updated: 11/10/17

Friday’s letters: Hillsborough school making strong progress

Hillsborough school district in financial, leadership crisis | Nov. 5, editorialSchool district’s achievementsWhile I respect the Times’ editors and acknowledge our district is facing financial challenges (facing them head-on, in fact), I feel it...
Published: 11/08/17
Updated: 11/09/17

Thursday’s letters: House bill not in patients’ best interests

Florida House Bill 81Bill not in patients’ best interestsFlorida legislators are considering a bill prohibiting hospitals and health plans from requiring board certified physicians to periodically demonstrate they are current with the latest advances...
Published: 11/07/17
Updated: 11/08/17

Saturday’s letters: Working to help veterans

October Letter of the MonthThe winning letter addressed school start times.Pinellas starts classes too earlyIn Pinellas County, the high school start time is 7:05 a.m. This is just plain wrong. There is good evidence that adolescents need eight to ni...
Published: 11/06/17
Updated: 11/10/17

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 10, Pasco Times

Keep mines away from residential areasThe Pasco County Commission conducted meetings as to whether to approve a permit for lime-rock mining in an area that is in close proximity to our homes. Unfortunately, the meetings occurred when most hardworking...
Published: 11/06/17
Updated: 11/09/17

Wednesday’s letters: U.S. doing well on curbing pollution

U.S. is a leading global polluter | Nov. 1, letterU.S. doing well curbing pollutionA recent letter labeled the United States a "leading global polluter." Online information shows that we add about 16 percent to the C02 emission totals, making us ...
Published: 11/06/17
Updated: 11/07/17

Tuesday’s letters: Honoring veterans every day

Veterans DayHonoring veterans every dayPresident Donald Trump recently signed a proclamation declaring November as National Veterans and Military Families Month. The proclamation asks all Americans to set aside time to honor those who served our coun...
Published: 11/03/17
Updated: 11/06/17

Monday’s letters: Climate change is No. 1 issue

Mayor’s raceClimate changeis the top issueIf I were a resident of St. Petersburg and getting ready to vote for mayor, what would be the most important thing on my mind? Getting a new Publix in the neighborhood? Nice, but not No. 1. Reducing crime? It...
Updated one month ago

Saturday’s letters: St. Petersburg needs a change in course

Mayor’s raceTime for change in St. PetersburgTo summarize St. Petersburg’s problems under the current administration:First, the sewage dumping into waterways and the aquifer continues with only excuses and blame on others, no transparency, no admissi...
Updated one month ago

Sunday’s letters: Tighten porous borders

After the terror | Nov. 2, commentaryTighten borders, track entrantsAgain, the New York Times has approached the difficult subject of how to anticipate terror attacks by pointing to the inadequacies of our laws in dealing with these terrorists in...
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