Poll: Libertarian candidate makes for tighter race between Scott-Crist

When Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is added to the mix, the race is too close to call, with 39 percent for Crist, 37 percent for Scott and 9 percent for Wyllie, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.


Spurned nurse-midwife sues Tampa clinic over contraception duties


    Peralta to DL, Beliveau recalled

    UPDATE, 5:57: Peralta was sent back to St. Petersburg to be seen by team physician Dr. Michael Reilly, and to have bloodwork done to confirm that he has the chikungunya virus. Governmental health departments and the CDC are tracking such cases. The virus is not contagious nor treatable, with the symptoms - fever, tiredness, achiness and rash - lasting 7-10 days....


    Q-Poll FL: Crist-Scott is 39-37% race with Libertarian Wyllie at 9%

    From Quinnipiac University's press release about its latest poll:...


    Lights in the dark.

    See Florida?

    Spotted this in "World in a Snap" in today's tbt*. The picture was taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station on July 15. The long glow is from Miami, says Phil Plait on Slate, but you can see where the people are over on our coast, too, from Naples on up and then across the peninsula on and around I-4....