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Angry Duke Energy customers look to Tallahassee for help

The list is long. Too long. Dozens of calls and emails, all with similar customer complaints about Duke Energy Florida. Never had these ratepayers seen their electric bills as high as …


Labor Day weekend forecast: sunny mornings, rainy afternoons

Tampa Bay residents can expect sunny mornings that fade to clouds, rain and maybe thunder each day over the holiday weekend. Friday should see showers later in the day, as well as possible …


Tampa Bay's top Labor Day celebrations

Michelle heads to Shephard's Beach Resort in Clearwater with some ideas for how to spend the long weekend …

Plan your weekend

A boat parade, theater festival, Gecko Fest, Bobcat Goldthwait — and a last call for Summer Jam.

    President Clinton to campaign with Charlie Crist on Friday

    President Bill Clinton will use his star power to ramp up support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Friday in Miami....


    'Outlander' recap, episode 4: What's up with 'The Gathering'?

    Michelle is off this week, so here is Outlander superfan Brittany to recap this episode, The Gathering, with some book background.

    Here we are again, watching the "Claire Tries to Escape" show. Voiceover Claire shares her elaborate plan to run away, but she also says she's beginning to like living at Castle Leoch. Of course you are, girl! One word: Jamie. He's her literal roadblock back to Frank, as she trips over Jamie while trying to get away. I laughed when she yelled out "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!" and Jamie replies "No, Sassenach, just me." Oh, these two.

    But there's a lot more to talk about: Geillis is enchanting as ever; Diana Gabaldon makes a cameo; family tension rises at the Gathering; a boar hunt ends with some blood and guts, and tears; and there's an awesome sporting scene complete with slow-motion kilts and bagpipes!

    Most notably, though, there's compelling insight into the character of Dougal MacKenzie. He's pretty intimidating, and the Gathering scenes show just how scary he is, and what he's capable of.

    But just what happened at the Gathering? All male MacKenzies need to declare official allegiance to the Clan and Colum MacKenzie, Laird of Castle Leoch, at The Gathering. In this era, loyalty means everything. When Jamie makes an appearance, we and Claire are not sure why it's so tense. Jamie is Colum's nephew, so he could become Laird, ahead of Dougal (the MacKenzie war chief, second to his brother Colum). Jamie doesn't want to piss off Dougal, who'd probably kill Jamie if he became Laird instead of him, so Jamie declares a different kind of allegiance. He takes an oath to his own name, but gives his obedience to the Clan MacKenzie, and does not want to be Laird. Phew!

    Before the Gathering scene with Jamie, as Claire tries to escape, she encounters some drunk men who try to rape her. But it's Dougal to the rescue! He convinces them to leave, but, oh wait, he's pretty drunk, and wants her for himself. Graham McTavish is absolutely terrifying here. As much as we might joke about why Claire shouldn't want to leave, this scene is a great example of just what kind of danger she's in all the time.


    11 things that happened in August that would've been called SO FLORIDA had they happened in Florida

    I did it for January, and I did it for February, and I did it for March, and I did it for April, and I did it for May, and I did it for June, and I did it for July, so now I'll do it for August....