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Home sales up slightly in Tampa Bay, though prices flat


    Jolly to Congress: Let's work more

    U.S. Rep David Jolly, R-Indian Shores, says Congress ought to spend more days at work. Specifically, he's calling for the Congress to be in session more days than it is now. ...



    #TrueDetectiveSeason2: Colin Farrell is in

    Finally! We have a confirmed lead for the second season of HBO's hit drama True Detective. Colin Farrell confirmed to Irish newspaper The Sunday World that he's "doing the second series" and is "excited." Yeah, so are we, Farrell! There's something about Farrell as an actor that's hard to look away from. Now please, HBO, just let him use his fierce Irish accent....


    Price of progress and whatnot.

    Who's going to live in these places?

    Lane DeGregory today on 1A:...