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Allegiant Air flight from St. Pete-Clearwater makes emergency landing

An Allegiant Air flight leaving St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport made an emergency landing Monday in Greensboro, N.C., on its way to Richmond, Va. An engine issue caused the flight …


Rain is over, but some areas of Tampa Bay still flooded Tuesday morning


Mothers: Officer restrained children with handcuffs on arms


  1. Tell Me About It: Couple debates sharing friends' secrets


    Q: What are your thoughts on keeping from your spouse something told to you in confidence? This is an ongoing debate that my wife and I have had. My wife feels that if something is told to her in confidence, the duty to keep that confidence trumps everything else. I am of the opinion that spouses should not have …

  2. Editorial: Pinellas moves to help workers fight wage theft


    Pinellas County commissioners are poised to craft and adopt a solid wage theft ordinance to protect some of the county's most vulnerable and lowest-paid workers. Plans call for the ordinance to be modeled after a 2010 law in Miami-Dade County that has enabled workers to collect more than $400,000 in disputed wages. With …

    Pinellas County commissioners are poised to craft and adopt a solid wage theft ordinance to protect some of the county’s most vulnerable and lowest-paid workers.
  3. Editorial: Obama charts more robust effort to fight climate change


    The carbon-cutting plan that President Barack Obama announced Monday is good news for consumers, the environment, public health and the economy. The measure gives states and the energy sector the certainty they need to move toward cleaner energy sources, and it provides a model as world leaders prepare to gather in …

    By imposing this first-ever national standard on emissions from power plants, the nation’s single largest source of carbon pollution, the administration is tackling a root cause of global warming head-on and setting a reasonable timetable for action.
  4. Tuesday's letters: Stop or tax the pollution


    July letter of the month

    July's winning letter was written by Louise Raterman, who wrote about fertilizer use in Hillsborough.

    Stop or tax the pollution

  5. Column: Obama wants you to think his climate plan is bold. It's not.


    President Barack Obama calls his just-announced Clean Power Plan "the biggest most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change." That's not saying a whole heck of a lot.

    If we were to sing in the rain, it'd be a tasteful mix of Taylor, Bey and Lana del Ray.

    My Outfit Monday: It's all about the Wellingtons, baby

    If we were singing in the rain, we would be hoarse by now....


    Bush and Rubio certain to make debate stage in Cleveland

    Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are all but assured a spot in Thursday's primetime GOP debate in Cleveland. NBC News' First Read used polling averages to come up with a Top 10 in advance of the 5 p.m. cutoff Fox News will use determine the lineup....


    Richie Shaffer is the first player from the Rays 2012 draft to make the majors.

    For starters, Rays at White Sox, in Shaffer's debut

    UPDATE, 7:16:  Sounds like Shaffer will be around for a while, playing 1B and occasionally 3B vs. all LHPs, getting some at-bats vs. RHPs. Probably won't get in the outfield, but not out of the question. .... Shaffer will have his parents, brother, fiancee and financee's parents here tonight. ... He said it felt "pretty surreal" and that as much as he hoped to treat it like any other game he knows that is unlikely. ... Cash said DH/OF Joey Butler needs to get going given his extended struggles, that most of his issues have beem missing pitches he had been hitting....